The Woman Who Started it All

It all started with a welding class. DIY-enthusiast, Founder Sharon Moore, started her new welding class that required her to wear coveralls. She found that the only options available were small men’s coveralls. However, the crotch hit her close to her knees making her walk like a penguin. The sleeves were too long and loose, making them a fire hazard even when rolled up.This lack of women’s workwear was unacceptable to Moore, so she put down her welding torch and picked up the sketch pad, and the idea of Rosies Workwear was born.

Moore made sure to include details that only a woman would understand. She found durable fabrics that didn’t feel like cardboard, in colors other than military khaki. She included deep pockets and features that made them easy to slip on and off quickly. Most importantly, she cut them to fit and flatter a woman’s proportions.The ease of entry feature ended up being one of Moore’s favorites, once the prototype was created.

Moore said a light bulb really went on for her, as she wore the prototype around and realized, “As women we are always multi-tasking, and it’s so helpful to have a versatile garment that can be worn in the garden, then in the kitchen, then to the hardware store for more paint in the middle of a project.” Moore says her ultimate goal for Rosies is, “I want two women to pass in the aisle of a hardware store, or somewhere, both of them wearing Rosies and just give each other a nod, because they both know what kind of woman the other is.”

Rosies Workwear has been creating work garments for women since 2002 under the direction of Founder Sharon Moore.