Ellen S

Just wanted to send a quick note.   I've now placed 2 orders with you and have 3 of your pieces.  2 coverall's and a set of the overalls and top.   I work at an AAFES as an independent contractor assembling all their products for display, from bikes and toys to lawnmowers and outdoor furniture and swings.  Your clothing makes me feel like a million bucks when I walk in the door.  Working on a military post I wanted some type of uniform that identified me as a contractor and not an AAFES employee, and was professional and feminine  in appearance.

Its functional, fits well, wears like iron and well makes me feel like a woman even when I'm clearly doing a male oriented job. The guys laughed when I walked in Thursday in the dark pink coveralls, but got Oh's and ah's about the conversion of the overalls to a cooler outfit as it gets quite hot down here in the south.   Its just very nice to do a mans job but look like a lady always.  Not sure about ever purchasing a floral pattern but keep the bright solid colors coming.


I used to think I needed a cape to do all the amazing farmstead work around here. But then I got my Rosies... and they make me feel like invincible! We've been through some serious ick, dirt, and hard work, and we're just getting started! Thank you Rosies!

Tina L.

Thank you for a wonderful product and service! The overalls are beautifully made and so comfortable. The added touch of the kerchief and tee shirt enhance the value. Much appreciated! Ordered 3/10 and received 3/12; fantastic!

Emily N

Greetings! First I would like to say that I love my Rosiesworkwear clothing.  I recently bought coveralls to function as a beekeeping suit.  I felt 100 percent comfortable and stylish.  This always add spunk to my work.   I would like to encourage you to create an official beekeeping suit.  I don’t think that the fabric color would matter as long as it is kept light.  Bees don’t like black and probably brown as it makes them think of bears!  Beekeeping suits have traditionally been made of white fabric.  It is more the weight of the fabric which matters and unfortunately a bee was able to sting through the fabric of the coveralls which I bought.  I think that the beekeeping suits are made of a heavier canvas and have elastic at the wrists and the ankle.  I used rubber bands to close off my coveralls.   All this said, if you were to create such a suit, I would definitely buy one – especially if it was a pleasing light colored print. Sending you my best regards, Emily


Sharon,  the coveralls survived the first week! They are the most perfect fit, and most comfortable work clothes I have ever worn. I was skeptikal because of those reasons! I  have been welding on my knees, overhead, and climbing up and down ladders.  And the coveralls have proven tough enough for the job! Some of the stiching around the zipper pocket and the knee pad pockets have come loose, but that is the only damge that I see. Well, they are also stained and filthy with grinder oil, but that's normal. You have just gotten a loyal customer! Do you all make thermal coveralls for winter time as well?

Sue W

Wow!  My Rosie's overalls just came.  I immediately tried them on and I'm in heaven!  The fabric is soft and comfortable, there's an additional button to adjust the waist, when you zip off the bottom the shorts that remain come all the way to the knee – a huge plus – and best of all, the bib doesn't come up so high that it chokes me – a common problem with men's overalls!  I  am absolutely delighted!  Thanks, Rosie!

Alicia D.

I just received my pink capri coveralls…  Seriously, could these be any cuter!  Love the bandana too…  I am sitting in my office wearing the entire get up right now!   Alicia W. D. Sr. Marketing Coordinator - Careers Division

Jennifer J

I have to tell you, I was thrilled when I received them. The packaging was so neat and I didn't know they came with the handkerchief in the pocket. They are so classic looking! My husband and I love things that look like they're from the 30's and 40's and he didn't know I was getting them. When I came out with them on his jaw dropped. Who'd have thought they could double as...ahem...eveningwear! :) Ha-ha!

Lisa L.

I LOVE my coveralls.... LOVE THEM.  I got the pink ones and now I had to buy the bay/taupe ones because I don't want to get my pink ones dirty!!!!  You have cut the fit to allow for a woman's body without making me look like a pumpkin.  And, the material!!!   Kudos to you and please keep me on your mailing list so I can keep you close at hand.

Candace W

I wanted to share with you photos of our overalls. We are owners of a housecleaning business. Wearing these overalls is a great advertisement for you and for us. They remember the girls in pink bibs !!  Candace W., Maid in McCall LLC


My new overalls just arrived and they are PERFECT! I love them. I am a sculptor and gardener and they are just what I need. I am a small size too and they fit  just right. (I like the extra buttons.)  I am so glad I found you.

Dr. Kristie M.

My name is Dr. Kristie M., and although I am a veterinary pathologist by profession, I moonlight as a "potbellied pig-exclusive" clinician on weekends.  I am licensed in PA, VA, MD and NC to provide veterinary care to pet pigs, and I can't say how happy I am to have finally found coveralls that meet my unique needs - the kneepads are especially useful!!  I've attached 2 photos of a potbellied pig-specific restraint technique (The Pig Flip) used to help trim hooves, teeth, do physical examinations, and give vaccinations without the use of sedation or anesthesia.

Barb G

I have tried my overalls and they have withstood laying sod in the pouring rain, building modular stone retaining walls, and just plain getting dirty landscape work.  I have washed them numerous times already and they still look brand new - I love them!  Everyone who has seen them loves them.  The men I work with want to know if you make them for men because the kneepads are so awesome!  They are trying to figure out how they can cut their carhardts and get some kneepads in there!  PS:  notice the pink flames on our wheelbarrow!  It was my co-workers idea to spray paint all of our tools pink so we can keep track of them.  Anyone that works with us knows that the PINK tools go in the girls truck!    Sincerely Barb G, Journeyman Landscape Gardener

Diane S

Our team traveled to Canada this past weekend to compete in the Dryland World Championships. Our kennel had the highest number of US medals! Lis Bailey had bronzes in the very competitive 4 dog rig and womens canicross, Grace had an excellent run in the 2-dog rig, competing against international athletes from Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Canada, Lis ran on the overall silver medal canicross relay team, and I won the gold medal for the veterans womens canicross division!.    We wore our Rosies coveralls around the dogyard in between races, and had a lot of very favorable comments. I am attaching some pictures of us with our favorite dogs wearing our Rosies, and a few of us actually racing. Since Lis Bailey took the pictures, you are welcome to use them on your facebook, website, etc.    I love the many pockets in the coveralls, and they wash so very well!    Many thanks again! We have a couple more dryland competitions and then the winter sled season starts.


I love my new coveralls!  They're so comfy, especially after the poly-blend ones I've been wearing for years.  They worked out well for weed-whacking; today I weed-whacked a good portion of my pasture.  Now I think I might order some overalls.  These do run a bit large, but after washing, they did shrink a little, as I was told.    Thank you for such a great product!!